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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One month old

My poor little baby cries really hard and it breaks my heart to see her in pain; that I actually have tears in my eyes.

And she cries hard...
And of course my baby did cry
The nurse told me to hold her hand just before she prick the needle. I was really nervous to see my baby to get injected, knowing that it will really hurt her :(

Zahara is one month old today, so we brought her to the paediaric clinic to get her first vaccination. This is a picture of her sleeping before the nurse prick the needle on her thigh.



These are pictures of Zahara sleeping on our bed. Its a sequence pictures of her stretching up then fell asleep again. Enjoy :)

Zahara And Daddy

Zahara woke up quite early this morning and as usual she's making a lot of noise. She wouldn't continue sleeping in her cot so I took her on our bed and she fell asleep as soon as I put her on our bed. Everybody said she look like her daddy but I didn't realized that until this morning when I saw her sleeping next to her daddy. So realizing Zahara does look like her daddy, I decided to take a picture of her and her Daddy. I love these pictures. Both Zahara and my husband were soundly sleeping and look heavenly sweet. I love them both so much.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


These are pictures of Zahara with a towel on her. Our baby Zahara always spits after feeding, and most of the time its a lot. We were so worried about it but my mother said its normal for babies to spit or throw up almost every time after feeding. My husband managed to take some pictures of her with towel on her chest and we thought she looks so cute with her eyes wide open.


We haven't been out since zahara's birth, that me and my husband were so bored so we decided to go out and bring Zahara along. So we brought Zahara to my husband's parents at tungku since we thought its not safe to bring Zahara out in the public area yet; afraid that she will catch a cold or something (if that makes sense to you guys). So, this is a picture of Zahara fallen asleep just before we brought her out the other day. Her face look smaller wearing those tiny hat :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I haven't been updating for quite awhile because my tiny little angel is keeping her mommy real busy lately. I also think that Zahara's vision is slowly becoming clear, as she has started looking at many stuff around her including her toys. She also sleeps well when people put her in their arms. I blame my mother for spoiling her as she always lift her up from her baby cot even when she's asleep. Ah well, my little angel is just so irresistible that everybody wants to carry her in their arms and they just cant stop kissing her. Anyway, we bought Zahara a 'rocker' few days back at bebeland. Of course her daddy gets to pick which one, and he picked the one with the weird looking green teddies. The other night my Zahara woke up in the middle of the night and refused to go back to sleep. Then I remember my mother said that baby sleeps well if you rock them to sleep so I tried putting Zahara on the rocker and yes it works. She fell asleep not long after I put her on it. I guess its really not an 'old mid wives tales' after all when people said baby sleeps well when you rock them to sleep. Here are some pictures of Zahara in her new green rocker. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We went to the clinic today as both me and my husband were really worried about Zahara been vomiting after every feeding. We wanted to go the public paediatric clinic, which opens every tuesday and thursday. So, thinking that today's day is tuesday we drove our way to kiarong's paediatric clinic and only realized that today's day is wednesday not tuesday (imagine how busy we are as a first time parents that we lost track of the dates and days). So, not knowing where to go we brought zahara to lee clinic where the doctor checked zahara and weigh her. To our surprised zahara has gain so much weight from 3.59 when she was born and now she's already 4.5 kg :) (I feel so relieved now that i know my baby is not underfed or something if you know what i meant, hehe). Soon after we finished at the lee clinic, we dropped by Dr Prema's clinic to say hi to Auntie Prema and introduced Zahara to her. She checked Zahara's heartbeat and tummy and she said she was fine. I was a bit worried because earlier at lee clinic, the doctor said she had a little bit of infection on her cord and she will be giving some antibiotics to treat it, but luckily we went to Auntie Prema and get a second opinion. I was relieved when she said her cord was just fine. She told us if anything, we can just go to TK Chan clinic as they are a  specialised paediatricians. At least now we know where to  to bring our baby. Until then

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hairy Ears

pictures of zahara. These are pictures of zahara's hairy ears. My husband got the chance to take some pictures of her hairy ears. According to my cousin, her hairy ears is due to her birth before her supposedly due date.


These are pictures of Zahara before taking a bath. Sometime she loves it but sometime when she's too sleepy she just scream her lungs out and making her mommy really panic. But her mommy is so used of that screaming already and regard it as 'zahara is just exercising her lungs'. I cant help from posting these pictures especially the one with her 'munjung' lips :). Her grandma siad she's got angelina jolie's sexy lips. I'm a first time mother, I cant stop talking about my zahara, what do you expect :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


These are pictures of Zahara with her grandparents from her daddy's side. Both her grandpa and grandma loves her tremendously as her grandma cant stop missing her each and everyday. Grandma bought Zahara loads of beautiful and convenient baby's stuff too, which is very very sweet of her. Both me and Zahara were very very thankful (more than words can say) for all the supports in many many ways from both of them and we will never forget that for the rest of our life. Both of them were there and had patiently waited for the arrival of Zahara and her arrival was celebrated in a quiet joyous moment. Now, these are pictures of her grandparents on the day before we got discharged from the hospital. A zillion thank you to grandpa and grandma from Baby Zahara and her mommy.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Zahara and Teddy

Here are more pictures of Baby Zahara. One of the pictures is her picture with her first cute teddy bear from Aunt Mar. I cant stop looking at her especially those beautiful eyes of hers.

A little girl

I cant stop updating my baby daughter's picture on my blog. These are more pictures of her. A little girl whom her daddy cant stop kissing at and her mommy cant stop staring at...

Three Of Us

Now there's three of us. Sometime its hard to believe how some of the things in your life has slowly changes. Back then I can never imagine myself falling in love then getting married then having a a baby and a family of my own. But here I am and I am enjoying every single second of it. My life feels so complete with my loving husband and my lovely baby daughter on my side. I want nothing more in this world but them and these love will endlessly grows each and everyday.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


is a nice picture of my mother holding Zahara. When you were so much in pain, there are only 2 people in the world you wish to be with you, and as for me it will be my dearest beloved husband and my beloved mother whom I know love me unconditionally.

Moments to share...

I'm finally home after giving birth to my baby daughter and finally get to update my blog. Its been a long weekend and I cant wait to get home and update my blog to introduce my lovely daughter to the world. After a long 12 hours labor, I finally gave birth to my baby daughter on 25th February 2008 at 4.26 p.m. I was initially scheduled to have a normal delivery but due to the long 12 hours labor (with my Blood Pressure really going down and my baby's heartbeat dropping, I was rushed to the operation theatre to have an emergency Caesarean Section). It was ashamed that I didnt get to greet my baby daughter when she was first born, but nevertheless I was really thankful that both of us had finally made it.

Moments I want to share is when I finally opened my eyes after the delivery, and one of the nurses told me that I have safely delivered and I remember exactly she said ' have delivered to a nice chubby baby girl'. I feel so much relieved to hear that she was safe and sound after the long hours of labor. Within the period of labor, my baby's heartbeat was really dropping and its really making me worried sick. I heard they said my blood pressure has gone down, but at that very moment all I care about is my baby and nothing more. And to hear that I have delivered to a nice chubby baby girl is the most joyous moment despite the pain I had within the period of labor and after the surgery.

I'm not quite sure how long have I been unconscious when they moved me to my room, but when I did, the first thing I want is to meet and look at my baby daughter. They finally brought her to me and the tiny little angel that I have been longing for so long was soundly sleeping and my feeling at that truly moment is indescribable; as it was a mixture of many different feelings. I know I can write endlessly about those miracle moments but let me now introduce to all of you my lovely beautiful little angel, my love of my life baby daughter Zahara Aryana...