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Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Books...Elle aime des livres

These are zahara's collection of books. I simply love buying zahara books, and everytime I showed zahara her new book , she always gets so excited.

These 3 books are OK. Zahara likes it but she loves the 3 bear adventures better...

These are zahara's most favourite books; Princess Bear, Fairy Bear and Ballerina Bear. I think as for now, she favours the books because it has glitters all over the pages. These collection has 4 titles altogether including Birthday Bear. But too bad I dont manage to buy her the complete set as the one on 'birthday bear' is out of stock :(

I love these books,its from Aunt Olga. She bought it for Zahara all the way from Switzerland :). 'Guess How Much I Love You' is such a lovely book (its about Little Nutbrown Hare trying to tell Big Nutbrown Hare, how much she love her; but all in all its about how love is not an easy thing to measure). The other book is in french. I love it so much. I used to learn french for about a year, so yea eventhough I cant speak French and only understand a little but at least I can read French well.I love reading this book to zahara and plan to send Zahara to Alliance Francaise when she's fit to join the class at later age.The other book is called '1001 things to spot in Fairyland'. Its a lovely nice cute book about many things to spot in fairyland. I guess I have to wait until zahara is big enough to understand it, and I cant wait for that :)

This of course has nothing to do with zahara's book collection. Its just zahara's new picture lying on mommy's and daddy's bed. But hey, can you spot zahara's 2 new tiny itsy bitsy teeth? :).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More pictures

A few more pictures of zahara having her first haircut in the salon.

First hair cut in salon

Zahara's hair is getting longer after her first hair cut a few months back. Today, we brought her to the salon to have a proper hair cut. Luckily, Zahara behaves herself while the hairdresser cut her hair and she was quite impress with her :). I will always remember this moment, as zahara was looking really cute and curious when the hairdresser cut her hair. She keeps on looking alternately at her daddy and the hairdresser, not knowing what was happening hehe. Zahara always melts my heart, all the time.

Now and Before

A few months back, when zahara is still 1-2 months old, this is how she sleeps...
But now as she grows a lil bit older, this is how zahara sleeps and she almost kick us out from our bed every night.