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Friday, December 28, 2007

Normal delivery

I went to Dr Prema's clinic alone today, went there after work. Auntie Prema checked baby's heartbeat, and it was fine. But my blood pressure was high when she checked just now. Hence, i have to drop by every day to her clinic just to have my BP checked and monitored. Oh by the way, auntie Prema told me that its 'head down', meaning no more worries on caesarian, yay :). My next appointment will be on 11th january 2008.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby stroller + Pram

We bought baby pram yesterday, after work. Its a nice pram with giraffes, elephants etc on the cover :). I wanted to get more clothes for the baby, but i guess i had more than enough for now, hehe. I'll just wait till my baby is here. Oh by the way, i will definitely be getting that cute lovely grey jacket for the baby, so i can put it on her just in case she feels cold. Cant wait to meet you my love...Cant wait to see you through ultrasound tomorrow too...

Got these from the Net...


The countdown continues: 32 weeks down, eight to go. Your baby now measures more than 11.5 inches (29 cm) from crown to rump and weighs nearly 4 pounds (1, 800 grams). If she was a fruits, she'd be a bunch of bananas.

Your baby's skin is becoming pink and the wrinkles are smoothing out. She's getting those cute chubby legs that babies all get. If she's a he, testes are descending into the scrotum. The fine lanugo hair that covered heer body is falling away, although some may still be present at birth. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are getting longer, and she might already have a full head f hair.

Your uterus has moved well above your belly button, and its filling out most of your abdomen. Breathing may be a little more difficult as your baby takes up more room. You may notice swelling in your hands, feet and legs, but if your upper body or face swells suddenly, call your doctor immediately because this can be asign of toxemia, which must be treated quickly.

As the skin on your belly expands, you may notice numb spots or highly sensitive areas on your upper abdomen or rib cage. As your skin stretches, the nerve fibers i it stretch too, sometimes creating highly sensitive or insensitive areas.

By now, being pregnant must feel like a full- time job. It is.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Moving tummy

I was lying down on the bed this morning after having breakfast with my husband. I can feel my baby moving actively, but never did look closely at my tummy. But this morning i was looking at it, and i saw my tummy moving. Its like someone knocking from inside of my tummy. Its really amazing. I feel so much special and proud that I'm carrying her inside me. I know I'm gonna missed this feeling of being pregnant even though i cant wait to see our baby. And her daddy was being really helpful and loving each and every day. He's been busy helping me checking my blood sugar today, and never failed to remind me to take 'fish oil', so that we will have a really brain smart baby :). 

Friday, December 14, 2007


I went for an ultrasound today 14th December 2007. I didnt feel quite well this afternoon, maybe from the lacking of sleep. I couldn't sleep last night, have so many things on my mind :(. Anyway, i went for an ultrasound, and auntie prema said 'its a breech dear'. It scares me, but she said tell the baby to move and if it can move before week 35, then i will be having a normal delivery. Baby please move for mommy, mommy's scared. Pray it wont be a caesarian delivery. But i still cant wait to meet my baby. Im officially 29 weeks today and the baby is about 1.7 kg according to the scan, my sugar is fine too its 5.1 and my next appointment will be on the 28th December 2007. Until then...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

GTT result

The result was out last wednesday 5th Dec 2007. Auntie Prema said my blood sugar is just borderline 7.9, meaning if its more than 7.9, she'll charged me to be having a gestational diabetes. It scares me a lot,  by now i have to be careful with the foods i take. I can feel the baby moving quite often now. Last night i woke up at around midnight, and as i rub my tummy to connect with our little angel, i can feel her head pushing out on my belly, its hard and rounded as the shape of her head. It feels really nice to be able to feel any part of your baby. I cant wait to meet our little angel, so i can touch her and be really close to her.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

GTT Test scares me

I went for GTT Test (Glucose Tolerence Test) today, 29th November 2007. Dr. Prema had to take my blood 3 times for the test, each for every each hours.  I had to go alone since my husband had do some work in his office. Then, Dr. Prema check our baby's heartbeat, i can hear the heartbeat and it was so amazing. She said 'baby is fine'. I have another 3 months to go...cant wait to meet our little angel. Yesterday i bought more baby clothes, and i cant stop looking at those cute tiny clothes. I know our baby daughter will look really great and cute in those clothes, cant wait...