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Saturday, July 11, 2009

More pictures

More pictures of zahara with her hand cast.


I've been wanting to post these pictures a long time ago as it happened a few months back, i think sometime in May. These pictures are picture of Zahara with her hand cast. It happens before zahara went to bd, she was rolling around on her mattress and accidentally rolled over her elbows. She cried so hard and it worries me o much and hence we brought her straight to the hospital. Zahara have to go to an x-ray and she was really afraid and cried really really hard but when we got the result, the doctor said she was completely fine and her xray doesnt show any sign of fractures. But we were asked to bring zahara back for a check up 1 week later and to our surprise the other doctor said there's a 'suspected' fractures and they have to get it cast; so that to make sure that when she grow up her hands doesnt look funny. It was such a pity to see zahara with her hand casted, especially its on her right hand, and she finds it difficult to eat and play. But alhamdulillah she only has it for less than a week. The doctor said her hand is completely fine, and suspected that she just accidentally twist the joint and now the bone slips back to its joint or something like that. I feel soooo relieved when they took it off from her and see her play and eat with her right hand easily.


Zahara's daddy took this pictures before he left to work and i think these pictures are really nice and sweet. Zahara loves balloon too. She bought quite a few and sometime shocks to see her balloons flattened the day or few days after :)


These are pictures of zahara in ponytails :). I think she ooks really cute with her 2 ponytails hehe


Zahara fell asleep after our visit from our newly-built house (kesian kan usulnya tidur)
Noticed her small hanging t-shirt? :)

Zahara's favorite is winnie the pooh and when i first bought her this t-shirt she was so excited. But when we finally put the t-shirt on her, I just realised that I bought her a size of 3-6 months haha. But it does look good on her, she looks like a girl wearing t-shirts that hanging on her tummy hehe.


These are pictures of zahara's wearing her winnie the pooh's top. Her great grandfather bought her winie th epooh toys and its quite a huge one and zahara insists me t take off the shirt and put it on her.


These are pictures of zahara having her bubblebath. She loves all the bubbles and insists of eating all the bubbles, how cute is that hehe.

long overdue

We brought zahara our for a picnic in muara beach and she was having a blast running around the beach.
And she gets her skirt all wet that we have to take it off and I unfortunately forgot to bring an extra cloth for zahara.

I haven't been updating my blog for god knows how many months. Therefore this is going to be a long post with loads of pictures :). Zahara is 1 year 4 months old now and she learned many things and words. She said 'babai (bye)' everytime we went out and also said babai to the 'michelin man' (along jalan kumbang pasang, hehe). She said 'hiiiiiii!'. She said babush (i think only zahara knows what it means), she said many other things that we dont understand. Zahara can now run, she wants to eat whatever we eats, she loves cornflakes and she can imitate things too. Time really flies so fast and zahara never fails to entertain me and my husband.