Baby Zahara's Birthday

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bath time

Zahara hates it everytime I wash her hair but she loves it when I soak her in her tub.

Cute feet

Cute small version of my husband's feet :)


We bought this hat when we went to KK few weeks before I deliver. I convinced my husband to go to KK. because I thought when we have our baby, we wont be able to go for another holiday in a long time (until zahara grows a bit bigger). Its a cheap good holiday, all we did is eat and have coffee and bought loads of cloth for our little angel.

Hair clips

I went to the mall and I saw these cute butterfly hair clips and decided to buy it for my baby. She looks great with the hair clips of course.


Hi mommy daddy, do you agree when i said i look so cute :)

Zahara and Mommy

My husband took this picture on my brother's wedding and it turn out to be one of my favourite :)

Hold my hand

Cute lil' hand...

My Missy Cute Bunny Head

I saw a baby's picture with a bunny hood and i thought she looks really cute. So i decided to take my daughter's picture with her cute bunny hood and of course her mommy thought she looks even cuter than the one her mommy saw on that catalogue.