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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I went to JPMC this afternoon and finally get to meet Dr Chitra. When i first saw her i thought she's a bit serious but when i went into her room and get to talk to her, she was really nice. She's not very soft spoken but she's nice, i like her. She did an ultrasound for me and i can see my baby again. This time with a good machine I can see it even more clearer. I got to see my baby's backbones, kidney, heart, head, fingers that was tightly clutched and her legs [yay :)]. Above were prints of my baby zara's face and her fingers. My next appointment will be on 5th February 2008 at 2.00 p.m and if she's going to do another ultrasound I'm going to make her print every part of my Baby Zara's body, just to make me feel that its worth paying for the ultrasound service.

Anyway, Dr Chitra said baby's fine everythings fine. Baby Zara's weigh about 2.65 kg now and expected to gain more weight before she's finally out to see the world. Also, she mentioned that according to the size of the baby, the gestational age is about 36 weeks and 4 days and my due date could be on the 28th February 2008. Until then...

34 weeks 6 days...

Its an ultrasound picture of my baby zara's head. I got this printed on the 18th of January 2008 but haven't got the chance to upload it on to the net.According to the ultrasound, the estimated gestational age is about 34 weeks 6 days +/- 2 weeks 6 days and the Fetal Parameters is about BPD 85.3 mm AC 232.5 mm. The estimated fetal weight is about 2247.34 grams. When i went for the gynae checked up that day, i remember my sugar level was on the hike and i got scolded for that. I blame my caramel latte from coffee bean that i had an hour before i went for the check up, silly me!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Too lazy

I haven't been updating in a long long time. Im just too lazy and sitting in front of the computer become least of my favorite lately. But today i've decided to write something on the blog. Much of the reason is that they install an internet connection in my office a few days back and since i have no choice but to sit in front of my PC, so i think yea might as well do something useful:). Anyway, I'm clearly about 8 months now and my gynaecologist think that its the best time to refer me to the place where i decide to deliver my baby. I wanted to go there at 37 weeks as I'm comfortable having her to check me up, but unfortunately she have to leave to Australia to visit her daughter whose if I'm not mistaken is about 4 months pregnant now, so i have to go to JPMC early. Aunt prema said she wants me to go early, so at least the doctor there in JPMC can call her and update her about my progress before she leaves to Australia. So yea, I'm seeing Dr Chittra later at 2.00 p.m and i hope she's a fine doctor and hope I'll be comfortable with her as much as Im comfortable with Aunt Prema. Wish me luck...