Baby Zahara's Birthday

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Chair

Today we bought zahara a baby high chair. She's just turned 6 months and of course has started eating few weeks earlier. My husband thought its more convenient if zahara can have her own seat, so she can learn eating by herself faster. We also bought her a beaker,which zahara didnt quite sure how to drink her water from her new cup. But my smart daughetr figure it out in less than just a minute (me in a proud mama mode :),hehe)

Zahara in tudung

While mommy's at work Part 2

Again, this is the courtesy of my sister. Trust my sister in transforming my baby daughter into something funny but cute :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

While mommy's at work...

I hate it so much when I have to leave Zahara for work. I hate seeing Zahara looking at me without blinking eyes every morning when I have to leave her for work. I guess every mothers will feel the same way as I. The thought of leaving my baby girl at home sometime makes me wish that I don't have to go to work, but its an impossible thing especially when cost of living nowadays is getting higher.That is the main reason why I prefer her sleeping before I went to work, so I dont have to see my poor baby looking at her mother leaving her for the whole day. But sometime my sister always took her pictures while Im gone to work, and these are pictures of zahara while her mommy is at work.

Out and About

Zahara's old baby seat is kinda small for her now, so we bought zahara her new seat. We bought it last month but I only managed to upload it on the blog now. She really loves her new seat and always stay put everytime we brings her out. And as usual she will also fell asleep in the car everytime we went out.


Zahara started eating on the 10th August 2008. We've decided to feed her, since the nurse said she can start eating a week before her 6 months birthday, but we've started earlier ;). Of course, when I first fed her, she didn't know what to do. But zahara picked it up very quickly. She learns to open her mouth and quite excited about her new eating experience.She have eaten papaya, brown rice cereal, avocado but her favourite so far is brocolli :). Plus zahara knows when to ask for her water, she cries for water every after few feeds:).These are pictres of zahara eating.