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Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Swimming Lesson

Zahara was thought to jump into the pool, she was a bit confused of what to do but did try to moved forward into the pool :)
Zahara was so iski 'sampai teminum air' hehehe kesian...
Zahara's learning to float around...
Zahara's looking at mummy...

Zahara went for her swimming lesson at BSC yesterday. She was a bit curious at the beginning, until we put her in the pool. She was utterly excited and can't stop laughing and shouting and babytalking (kesian...hehe). I can't swept it off my mind the expression on her face, when we first put her in the pool, and my heart smiles everytime I remember how 'iski' my little angel was that day. They were singing and playing with the toys inside the pool, was taught to float, and taught to jump into the pool. Zahara was really having such a wonderful splashing time in the pool, and she don't wish to stop even when the class was finished for the day. I really love the BSC, other than my lil angel get to learn swimming, its also a good place for Zahara to mingle around with other children :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We were planning to go and visit my brother sometime this year or maybe early next year (that is if we have enough budget to go for a holiday, since we have a lot to pay for our newly house [sigh]). Since we were on leave, so we thought its the best time to bring Zahara to the Immigration to make a passport.These are a few pictures of Zahara being soo sakai to see soo many people in the Immigration Department. Plus it takes quite a few shots to get the nice shot for her passport photo. I was quite impress to see that the passport section has become much more friendlier and nicer loking than before, and they have toys to make the toddlers look at the camera hehe (or maybe they always have it dari dulu, but i didnt know since Zahara is our first child hehe). In Zahara's case, i held a barney and dolphin up near the camera to get her to look at the camera. The officer in charge were making rhyme sound that made zahara dance and move her body, hence the picture taken with the digital camera turns out blurry, hehhe. I realised taking a passport picture for toddlers can be quite challenging at times hehe. But hey, now Zahara have her own passport and we can go travelling yay :)

Muara Beach

Last Sunday, we brought Zahara to Muara Beach. Her daddy has been wanting to bring Zahara to the beach a long time ago, but he's worried that the beach might be too hot for Zahara, or there might be sand flies everywhere that will bite Zahara and bla bla bla. But it seems that everybody's bringing their babies and kids to the beach, and they're fine (sigh...parents worries about unnecessary things too much sometime). Recently my husband told me taht my brother brought his 2 months old son to the beach and we were like 'okaaay...maybe we should bring Zahara to the beach and bring her to the playground there to see all the kids and let her walk on the sand and feel the water and see wheteher she likes it or not'. So yea, we did bring her to the beach and thought Muara Beach is the perfect beach to bring her. The moment we reach the olayground, Zahara was utterly excited to see there were so many children shouting, playing , running around etc. She was very very excited and cant stop shouting and babytalking herself. She was all soooo sakai to see soooo many people especially kids and love love love walking on the beach especially when the water swept her feet. She cant stop playing with the sand with her feet of course and trying to pick up the seashells (but of course her paranoid mum and dad didnt let her :P). But we didnt stay long coz its going to rain. But we promise Zahara to bring her there again maybe this Sunday for a picnic. Ohh ohh, Zahara wil be joining the Brunei Swimming Club too, and her class was scheduled to be on Sunday, but since we plan to go for a picnic then we moved her class to thursday (which is tommorow). Toodles and wait for Zahara's shwimming pictures ok :)