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Saturday, February 23, 2008

False Labour

We went to JPMC at 7.30 a.m this morning as we thought I was about to be in labour anytime of today. I had a really bad stomach cramping since 4 a.m. and I couldnt sleep till dawn. I guess my whole body was just so tired and sore after my brother's 'Menghantar Berian' ceremony yesterday afternoon (Friday). Everybody sort of asking me when the due date will be and I told them it will be on the 28th February but my husband told them differently. He told everybody that most probably the baby will arrive on 23rd February to coincide with the National Day(hehe). Hoping that the baby will be arriving on the National Day, my husband funnily get his camera charged the whole evening and packed it like at 2 am this morning .Its so funny to see my husband becoming too excited to have the baby on the National Day, can we consider that as being patriotic? :).

So yea, we went to JPMC and the nurse put the CTG machine on my tummy to see if there's any contraction and funnily the cramping sort of disappeared. I guess our little angel is being naughty, tricking her parents to false labour. Anyway, the CTG showed that our little angel's heart beats at 143. Dr Chitra said her head has not yet engage to the pelvis so she sent me home to rest. Unfortunately her daddy's dream to have her arrival upon National Day has gone by the wind. Sorry daddy...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I went to see Dr Chitra this afternoon. She had my baby's heartbeat checked this afternoon. It beats at 159 and according to Dr Chitra her heartbeat is perfectly fine, she told me that a normal foetal heartbeat is between 120- 160, so yea I'm really convinced that Baby Zara's heartbeat is perfectly fine. I was told to look after my diet as my sugar keeps on fluctuating. I checked my blood sugar this morning and it was 5.4 (fasting). I checked again 2 hours after breakfast and its 10.4, which was really high. I have to get it under control for the rest of 3 weeks, before my labor begin. Dr Chitra said i might be going into labor anytime after today as I am officially 37 weeks and a women may deliver anytime after 37 weeks. My husband said he's going to start putting everything i need in the car ready, just in case its time for me to go to labor. I'm really excited but yet so nervous. But my husband convinced me not to worry too much about it, because he said we are expecting for the most beautiful being that will change our life for the better, and he said 'Baby I know it will be painful, but soon we will have a beautiful baby daughter and it should be really fun'. Its such a comfort and i do need that...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Second visits

I went to see Dr Chitra for the second time yesterday, 5th February 2008. We were discussing about the birth plan. So i told her my husband will be coming with me to the labour room. It would be nice to have my husband to be on my side during labour, so we can greet our newborn baby together. She also asked us if we want to bring anything inside the labour room, we said we want to bring the camera, so we can capture our newly born baby's picture. Then she asked me if I like to move around during labour and that made me thinking for awhile, hehe. I cant imagine a women moving around or running around during giving birth (that's a bit funny). Then she explained that contractions come and go every few minutes. So, she told me during the few minutes of the'gone' contractions pain, I'm allowed to move or walk around and she said that will help to make the delivery easier and faster. I also told Dr Chitra of my plan to have an epidural, but my husband is quite worried about the risks of our baby to have an assisted delivery. He asked for the best option, and Dr Chitra said the best option is for me to first have a pethidine injection and see if I can bear the pain throughout labour. But she said if the pain is unbearable for me, then she will give me an epidural. My knees grew really weak just by the thought of them inserting the needle on my spinal cord.

Anyway, I had another ultrasound and Dr Chitra said the baby has grown by 100 gm from last week. Above were prints from the ultrasound. The first picture is the picture of our baby's foot and fingers. During the scanning, i can see that our baby daughter was actually tapping her foot and i can see her fingers moving. Its as if she was dancing to a music; the feeling to see her tapping her foot, moving her fingers were really sweet that no words can explain how I feel at that moment. I can see her heart beating and her kidneys too. The second print was the print of her face and i can see her cheeks grew chubbier and she constantly put her hands on her face, near her eyes etc. My husband was there on my side during my ultrasound and he just cant stop smiling looking at the ultrasound monitor. He believed that the 'fish oil' that he made me take everyday really contributes in our baby daughter's growth and development. We really can't wait to see our little angel. Its only 3 weeks away and it feels forever...