Baby Zahara's Birthday

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Saturday, October 27, 2007


I cant wait for the next ultrasound, hope to know the sex of our baby. I can feel our baby moving every now and then. Its 27th October 07 and i'm 22 weeks today. I already started to feel the pain on my back, but its worth the pain. I cant wait to meet our baby, it another 4 months to go. 

Third scan

Everytime i went for scanning i always forgot to ask for the printed scan picture. But my husband never failed to do so. Its the scan picture of our baby at 19 weeks 6 days. Our baby is about 45.8mm in size. We finally manage to hear our baby's heartbeat very clearly for the first time, and we get to see our baby actively moving in the womb and once he stop and put his hand on his knee. It was  such a wonderful feeling and we were extremely happy. We tried looking for the sex of the baby, but doctor said the baby doesnt want to show. Mummy and daddy will wait for the next scanning on November 3rd 07. Mummy cant wait to know u...

Second Scan

Here's a scan picture of our baby at 9 weeks 5 days of gestation period. We were so excited to see the baby growing. Our baby is about 30.0mm.

First scan

I went for my first scanning on the 29th of June 2007. Its 5 weeks 4 days old, both me and my husband were so excited. Our baby is only about 10.6 mm in size.