Baby Zahara's Birthday

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zahara at wedding

These are pictures of Zahara in her first dress. Everybody cant stop staring at her because she looks really cute and beautiful in her red dress and wearing headband with her hair standing up hehe. And I also put a cute brooch on her dress to make her look more cuter hehe.

I want my bolsters

Look at Zahara. According to my husband, Zahara likes to have many pillows and bolsters around her to make her space tighter. And yes apparently she sleeps well with lotsa bolster around her, isnt that cute? hehe

Open arms

Sleep and sound...


This is how Zahara wants me to carry if she wants to go sleep. And she wants me to walk her around instead of sitting down. isnt that demanding? hehehe but yet rewarding. Cant imagine when I start working, sure to miss her a lot