Baby Zahara's Birthday

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Love of Our Life...

Angel of Our Heart

Years passing by
Waiting for thee
It brings so much joy
To know you’re finally on your way
Feeling you inside…so much alive
Cant wait to hold you and feel your soft skin
Dying to see your smile and hear you cry
We’re counting the days waiting for you
Dearest angel of our hearts

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Its a baby girl...

We went for an ultrasound today 3rd November 2007. We've been waiting for this ultrasound for we wanted to know the sex of our baby, and we did :). Its a girl, its a daddy and mummy's girl. I'm 22 weeks and 6 days today. Our baby is about 55.2 mm in size, and weigh about 500gm:). Today i went to 'mothercare' and 'bebeland' with my cousin Kaimai & Lina and bought quite a lot of baby stuffs. Her daddy joined later and he's having troubled in deciding which baby stroller to get. We think that the 'cosotto' stroller is good enough with a reasonable price, but we ended up buying the 'graco one', hehe. Today we bought baby cot, baby box, baby 'pink' clothes & suits and lots more.And...we've already come up with a name for our baby. Her name will be ZAHARA ARYANA, so she'll be called 'Baby Zara'. Our lovely little angel...