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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Its zahara's 2nd term swimming class. We skipped one term, due to the H1N1 crap. But I guess, we cant just locked ourselves in the house and we really pity zahara for not having any activity apart from having our routine sunday breakfast and going to the shopping malls. And of course zahara was utterly super duper excited. On her 1st term class, Isabel taught zahara to dive, and when she put zahara under water, i guess zahara kinda forgot how it feels. But she was fine now, she can swim across and can already monouvre (how do you actually spell it? haha). Anyway, yea 6th dec will be her last day of her 2nd term. Im sure zahara would miss her swimming class. Her next term will be early January and this time her cousin syaziq will be joining her, yay :)

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