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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hi Again

Hi again everyone,

I haven't been updating for god knows how long hehe. I was really busy especially with zahara getting bigger. She is sucha handful now, and she is still on breastfeed. Hence , everytime she sees mommy she said 'nenen'. But mommy facebook sometime, and i was thinking maybe i should open up zahara's fan page,so everyone gets to see her pictures. Its easier to upload pictures on facebook rather than blogging. I will let you guys know the fan page once its done aight :).

Anyway, zahara is 1 year 9 months now. She can now run and all she did now is run and run instead of walking. I guess she just already master the 'running' skill :). She can also talk now. She have accumulated many words,her vocabulary keeps on going and going that sometime i lost track of the many words she learnt everyday. Sometime I dont even know where she learn some of the words. And I am actually smiling when I typed this (*recalling each and every words zahara said*). She can also swim now, and its so cute seeing the tiny zahara swimming. She loves going to tasek and play slides and right before we leave tasek, she said 'mommy want kenat' as in mommy i want coconut hahaha. Everytime we come home after jalan, she said 'na mo ati' as in inda mau aunty :D. Gosh, zahara really grows big now and time flies so fast. Last time she address me as mama and her daddy as daddy. But now, she calls me mommy and she cant stop saying mommy. Everynight before we go to bed, she climb all over me or her daddy and said 'tangah tangah', hahaha how cheeky is that. And just today, we went to the resataurant and ordering foods, and when everybody's done ordering she goes' orange juice. Can u believe it, she's ordering ordering juice herself (anak betuah).

All i can say is, zahara is soooo big now that if i want to tell you guys about her development, I can just go on and on and on hehe. Anyway, here's some of zahara's pictures. I hope you guys enjoy it :). Thanks everyone for becoming zahara's fans, I really really appreciate it. Love you all :)

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